Today's news about pants

Hi everyone it's your favorite blogger Chirag from Chirag's Blog.

I've been scouring the internet trying in search in cat pictures when I stumbled upon a product that changes the way I think about pants. The innovation is called Drum Pants and it's a really cleaver way to pretend like you know how to play a musical instrument while annoying your roommates/significant other.

You are suppose to wear these under your clothes, but I think the wires would be really uncomfortable to walk around. Also what about sweat when you are having a sweet drum sesh with your band (which I can only believe have some kind of Guitar Hero esque style instruments)? Would the Drum Pants start to short out burning your skin?

All the negatives aside, the guy at the beginning of the video shows you how sweet you'd look.

Totally buying Drum Pants because they are sweet,